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Gartner, Inc, officially known as Gartner, is a global research and advisory firm providing information, advice, and tools for leaders in IT, finance, HR, customer service and support, communications, legal and compliance, marketing, sales, and supply chain functions. Its headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. The firm changed its name from Gartner Group, Inc to Gartner in 2000.

A former consultant mentioned, "What you learn at Gartner is limited to what you research. Assistance is not provided even when requested. You are on your own to determine how to find a way to succeed. Those that succeed are those that can connect with those in leadership positions which are all older white men. Clients do not want to do business with Gartner consulting because the company does not satisfy their diversity requirements. They are chasing the larger firms trying to improve their reputation without any clear direction on how to accomplish that. Something to consider before working there."


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Consultant (Former Employee) says

"What you learn is limited to what you research. Assistance is not provided even when requested. You are on your own to determine how to find a way to succeed. Those that succeed are those that can connect with those in leadership positions which are all older white men. Clients do not want to do business with Gartner consulting because the company does not satisfy their diversity requirements. They are chasing the larger firms trying to improve their reputation without any clear direction on how to accomplish that. Something to consider before working there."

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"management are very relaxed office and the location are very nice parking is accessible no training is provided to do the role location is the best thinglocation and officemanagement provide no feedback"

Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is dishonest and slippery. They talk about people and take their ideas to use as their own. Very unprofessional atmosphere and poor quality of management . Don’t waste your time on this loser company.Slight benefitsEverything! The managers are dishonest and slippery"

Client Partner (Former Employee) says

"Gartner is one of those companies that people strive for, everyone seems to want to work there. However, they are not very employee friendly. I saw multiple friends get fired without warning and without reason, especially on the sales side. Very little room for growth or advancement if you want to do anything other than sales."

Sr. Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Extremely high attrition due to poor manage and clueless about Federal market. SOA Federal organization has consistently missed their plan since 2010. Manage by intimidation. Poor pay. A lot of promises about exceeding plan which are not true.benefits are goodhorrible management"

VP MARKETING (Former Employee) says

"For a such a successful company, you would be amazed at the level of dysfunction. There was little to no support for the marketing teams so no meaningful work was ever completed."

EP (Current Employee) says

"Love doing best work with CIO clients. Gartner has a lot of good stuff for enterprise CIOs. Managers add no value. They are simply enforcers of policy from the hierarchy. What works for US does not work globally, but they don't want to hear that."

Vice President, Research (Current Employee) says

"Tremendous workload for below market pay. The prior positive culture has tanked more and more as layer upon layer of micromanagement smothers creativity. Their diversity is dismal."

VP (Former Employee) says

"Big mistake with acquisition of CEB. Their employees are very junior and lack the skills and expertise required to represent Gardner. Their training for new employees is totally Inadequate and turnover is high. You have to play by their rules or you are out within the first 3 months. Senior level employees lack the skills needed to take Gartner to the next level requior"

Senior Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Working for Gartner is great when you work with the clients -but back at the ranch it is a different story. Tons of micro-management by metrics that dont always translate to success for the client. The analysts are great but the sales organization is very transnational. Most sales managers are managing up and dont care about their people. The sales management team is a like a college fraternity. Good ole boy network at its finest. The direction of the company is to put everyone down to 1-2 accounts. If you lose a renewal, or sale, you have no place else to go to make things up. There is so much pressure to achieve double digit growth at any cost. Client renewals require huge teams of resources to get the contracts renewed. It demonstrates how much margin there is in the business. The CEB acquisition is creating havoc as technology (mainstay of Gartner) moves out side of IT.Great SMEs with the analystssales management"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"not a great job because there was not much for you to do, oversaturated environment, young inexperienced manager who probably is preppy and highly annoying, recommend taking if your last resort"

Client Manager (Former Employee) says

"Initially hesitant, I felt obliged to write this review to shed some light on my experience within the client services organization in Fort Myers FL for those considering client management or other client services roles. The organization is metrics obsessed and without apology. If you don't completely agree with this notion or challenge it with merit you will be looked at negatively. You must not only accept but also embrace a mindset of constantly wanting to chase after metrics each and every day. The company will tell you to put the mission before the metrics but actions don't back that up. It isn't enough to help the client succeed in their goals without simultaneously hitting your metrics. Don't take this lightly if you are considering a role within the client services organization. The company promotes individuals who are great at hitting their metrics so management is full of people who put this above all else. It's fundamental to the culture. You are left with daily dashboards, reports of client activity and weekly meetings why so and so isn't opening research or pushing your call. Be prepared for this if you decide to move forward with a client services role. Despite all of this if you log an activity your manager or their manager deems to be incorrect they will let you go without warning. In other words, make sure every single activity your clients do is accounted for but do it correct 100% of the time or they will terminate you without warning. Good luck."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"They make you feel invaluable and tell you that no one at Gartner gets fired, that is a lie. The training was amazing, but if you don't fit in with the social culture or if one trainer doesn't like you, they will make sure no one else likes you. They will start to call you names like "combative, rude, and aggressive" if you have a difference of opinion. This for minorities, especially black women is dangerous! Minorities be aware, all that blessings diversity and inclusion are not necessarily true. Second,"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Lots of change due to acquiring CEB and poor change management. High turn over of key people in the organization. Poor work life balance and management is inflexible and unsupportive."

Senior sales professional - Client Executive (Former Employee) says

"Gartner is like joining a cult. They are doing a great job luring in young people and weeding out experienced people. The CEO has very aggressive growth targets and sales people are going to 1-2 accounts per person. If you cant hit your number, you have no place else to go so they manage you out, often replacing you with a younger person. Many managers are young and in-experienced. They manage up and dont take care of their people, let alone the clients. There is extremely high margin the research contracts. Just check out how many people it takes to renew the business. The company is growing rapidly - but it is not all organic growth - rather growth by acquisition. Huge pressure to convert CEB from enterprise licenses to named user model. Mgt believes that clients like paying more money for the same service in a named user model. Top down sends the message - great place to work - if you keep sending the message many believe - as it is a cult. The product/service Gartner provides is outstanding. The sales organization for all sectors is transaction. Ironic that they sell strategic advice in a transnational format.great insight from brilliant peoplevery metric micro management driven"

Leadership Client Manager (Former Employee) says

"No matter what you try to do to achieve your set results, 95% of the time outcomes are completely outside of your control. You have sales metrics, even though you work with delivery. They set you up for failure from the start and if you work at the client services organization you are up for a really frustrating ride. They will make you feel like you won the lottery during training but as soon as the honeymoon phase is over (less than 6mo if you are a smart person) you will understand what you really signed up for. They take pride on promoting from within and don’t really apply anything they advise their clients to do. Chances are that your managers and VPs have less than half of your educational experience and have no idea of what goes on outside of their bubble and their limited experience working at Gartner for their whole life. They manage numbers, not people and do not take any criticism or suggestions lightly. They have a top-bottom approach to change and no advancements opportunities outside of management within the call center. If you want to move horizontally, you will have a hard time. If you work with real IT or in sales, your experience may be different but at client services it will be like this. There is an insane amount of administrative work and useless processes that could be easily eliminated or automated. Employees are all unhappy, turnover is so big that HR is struggling to keep up. By the way, HR is horrible, non-existent - basically a joke. Current employee morale is at the lowest point all across the board. Leadership knows it and is still averse to fixingSalary, benefits, corporate experience.Everything else"

Hivatásos gépkocsivezető (Former Employee) says

"Van pár dolog, amit le lehetne írni, de nem szeretném."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Gartner was a total whirlwind of working with some great people and absolutely horrible management and metrics. Drink the company Kool aid or be cast out to like a disease. The work we conducted every day was very unfulfilling. Management was completely fake and their expectations were completely unrealistic. I’m back in real estate making twice as much money as Gartner paid and 100x happier. Instead of this company buying $3000 pool tables, maybe it should invest in some ethics classes. Good pay, working with some good people, food is greatVery unfulfilling work, management is fake and overworks everyone to the bone"

Order Management Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Gartner for 16 months. It was a very stressful and political environment. If you didn't drink the kool aid, then chances are, you'll be out the door. If you weren't in one of the cliques, then you'll feel less important or worthy than those on the inside. It felt like a Sorority House. Most managers were young and inexperienced, and were quick to put you on a performance plan if you didn't "play along." Gartner also has a very liberal culture, and are tolerant, as long as they agree with you. STAY AWAY!PayWork/Life Balance, Poor Management"

Account Executive/Outside Sales (Current Employee) says

"Life at Gartner Sales is not good. There is tremendous pressure to achieve YOY 20% Growth. If you are a mature rep - beware as they growth model is to bring in low price sales people. There are many examples of people near the end of their career being ushered out the door. Accounts are limited and many sales people have but a handful of accounts. With the acquisition of CEB there is no plan to manage the accounts with a single point of contact. Further, if you are in 'tech' you are limited to just IT. The sad thing is there is general lip service to the corporate values - for example are they really customer focused in everything they do, NOT. I have seen a lot in my 15 years - and with the pressure to merge these cultures it is not the best company to be at. Of course, they will continue to tell you that as they have a campaign to say it. The sales management team is weak.Great product - meaning the analystssales management"

Drew says

"They do everything they can to reject your reward."

Alessandro Pieroni says

"I have wasted a lot of time doing the reviews and giving my opinion on programs that I use daily at work, but after a month of waiting and having asked for an answer on the matter, they reply me, that according to their evaluations, My reviews don’t respect their standards.
Which is not acceptable because these are the same reviews that I’ve done on other sites like gartner and that have always been approved. They also rewarded my referrals for reviewing programs they never used."

Douglas Florencio says

"I was participating on gartner referral program, where they offer me 5$ for each review approved my referrals submit (the email Gartner sent has the message "Receive a $5 gift card for every approved review your referrals submit.").
However, I just received the gift card for the first review. The company is giving me only one gift card. I tried to contact them a lot of times, but they are not replying me."

Programmer Jen says

"Received an email from them to post reviews for gift cards....did 10 of them. NO gift cards...NO response to multiple emails...fraud just like Capterra theother company they own."

Noob says

"Horrible website."